We decide basic specifications based on our clients’ needs of plant construction business and develop make detail flow charts of process showing devices and piping/instrumentation materials of each process constituting detailed process designs, and develop and decide devices and piping/instrument materials to the detailed ones that manufacturers require through computing on the specifications of piping/gauging.

1. Development of ENG’G Technology
2. Development of License Package
3. PFD/ P&ID
4. Process Data Sheet


Design all the machinery and equipment required to make products for oil refining, petrochemical, and gas plant, and perform general machinery tasks of projects such as making mechanical data sheet, engineering drawing, and requisition, technical bid evaluating for optimum machinery choices, and reviewing and approving of shop drawings and various kinds of documents

1. Mechanical Data Sheet
2. Engineering Drawing
3. Strength Calculation


To provide specifications to the needs of our clients and optimum plant layouts, we design process Facility, structure, equipment connection by considering features of each plant. We also maximize engineering performance efficiency by performing projects with 3D modeling system softwares such as PDS, PDMS, SP3D and we perform efficient plant piping design by providing rapid and accurate information that through databasing accumulated perform experience

1. Plot Plan
2. Piping Routing
3. ISO Drawing
4. 3D Modeling
5. Piping Material Specification
6. Piping Conceptual Drawing
7. Stress Analysis
8. Steam Tracing
9. Piping Plan
10. General Arrangement DWG


With clients’ needs in mind, we perform technical review related to basic and detail design on transmission and distribution of electricity, lighting, integrated protection and control system, telecommunication(radio, PA/GA, access control, LAN and security system), BAS(Building Automation System), and cathodic protection system, and technical works related to procurement service such as developing specifications of various kinds of instruments, choosing and technical review, reviewing/adjusting/correcting the suppliers’ materials.

1. Electrical System Analysis
2. Hazardous Area Classification
3. Single Line Diagram
4. Electrical Equipment
5. Cable Routing
6. Power/Ground Design
7. Communication Design
8. Cathodic Protection System
9. Lighting System


We create various designs on the basis of applied design technology that systemize instrumental facilities for each process so that we can appropriately reflect general plant plans in the field of oil refining, gas, petrochemicals, power plant, and environment. We also perform technological tasks such as choosing on-site instruments, reviewing technology, and requiring review/correction on the materials from providers, make network design and layout in each control room, and design Loop, Sequence, Interlock Logic for optimum control by applying distributed controlling system.

1. Basic Process Control System
2. Safety Instrumented System
3. Control Valves
4. Field Instruments
5. On-Line Analyzers
6. Control System Wiring Design
7. Instrument Index

Civil Structure & Architecture

We perform basic and detailed designs of various kinds of bases, structures, and buildings in the field of civil engineering and construction for plants. Basic designs include Site planning, structure planning, draining planning, building planning, scheduling and feasibility studies. Detailed designs include Reclamation caused by ground leveling, from reforming to paving and draining, general structural analysis and design of bases of various kinds of instruments and structures, concrete and steel structures and buildings, technical reviews, quantity takeoffs, and filling out specifications

Civil Structure

1. Site Development
2. Road/Paving/Drainage
3. Concrete Structures
4. Steel Structures
5. Foundations
6. Cross Country Pipeline
7. Dynamic Equipment Foundations
8. UG Composite


1. Building
2. Equipment Shelter
3. Blast Resistant Building
4. Dynamic Equipment Foundations

Engineering Tools

Process SimulatorPV elite
Auto CADSKM Power*Tools
Intelligent P&IDCompress
Plant Design SystemDIALux
Navis Works
Smart Plant Review
InstrumentCivil StructureArchitecture
SPIStaad Pro Staad Pro
Staad FoundationStaad Foundation
Sap2000, MidasSap2000, Midas
C.S.E, Lira-SAPRC.S.E, Lira-SAPR
Ram ConnectionRam Connection
Auto Cad , MicrostationAuto Cad , Microstation
Tekla , Tekla RC, Allplan Tekla , Tekla RC, Revit