Corporate Identity

Symbol Mark

Meaning of the Symbol

Alpex is combination of the words Alps & Apex.
It means the top of the alps.

The logo is based on six core brand values of Alpex E&C : Confidence, Principles, Quality, Technology, Talent And Happiness. Two spectrums are meaning together and hopeful message respectively. And a large area of symbol is able to articulate reliable professionalism of the all staff.


ENG Signature (Horizontal Type)

KOR Signature (Horizontal Type)

ENG Signature (Vertical Type)

KOR Signature (Vertical Type)

 Color System

C 100, M 94, Y 0, K 1
(R 39, G 57, B 149)

C 0, M 79, Y 77, K 0
(R 241, G 93, B 68)